Temperature. Design.

From prototype to series

Fresh ideas, new ways of thinking and revolutionary applications are the fuel for innovation. Thermisol develops customer-specific solutions using the latest technologies and quickly gives them a face by means of rapid prototyping. Insulations that were unthinkable yesterday are now ready for series production in the shortest time. In doing so, we do our utmost to make the best possible use of the respective framework conditions – the cornerstone of any cost- and time-optimized project planning.

New materials, new methods, new solutions

Thermisol stands for innovative technologies and exceptional concepts. The toughest operating conditions are our core competence. And we will never be satisfied with standard solutions
– whether in commercial vehicles or in Formula 1.

Gold plating

Much more than a pretty appearance: The high reflectance makes gold an outstanding material in high-temperature insulation. Through gold plating increases the performance of every foil. Brilliant results for special applications.

Ultra foil

It really doesn't get much thinner than this: our new Ultra foil is just 0.05 mm thick. This makes it half the weight of conventional versions - yet thanks to new technology, it still manages its tasks with flying colors. A slim solution with a thick plus.

Titanium foil

Known for its taker qualities: Titanium is extremely hard and can really take a beating. We use sophisticated structures to shape the high-strength precious metal, giving it unimagined capabilities. Structural changes with a difference.

Polymorphic insulation

Innovation creates individuality: The completely new insulation method can be used almost universally. We bring the insulation material into almost any conceivable shape and thus master even the tightest profiles and space conditions. Universal installation space optimization in a new dimension.

Microporous insulation material

Close to the theoretical ideal: With their extremely low thermal conductivity, microporous insulating materials show their advantages above all where very high levels of insulation are required in a confined space. Internal values that are impressive.

Silicate fiber insulation

Proven and yet always new: Our optimized high-temperature insulations with technical fibers are characterized by compactness and ease of maintenance. Uncomplicated design for complex situations.


Speed, Power, Performance – that's motorsport. Performance on a different level. Here, we have been successfully facing the tough competition with its special requirements for years.

Super luxury cars

When performance meets design. Nowhere else it is so important to reach the limits of what is technically possible as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Planning, development and production from a single source

Our high-temperature insulations leave the usual standards far behind. We include essential parameters such as ease of maintenance, fast assembly and disassembly, and the legal environment right through to special regulations of the employers' liability insurance association in our planning right from the start. We then develop an integrative solution that optimizes efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Luxury yachts

Marine solutions from Thermisol have high-temperature zones safely under control - in the tightest of spaces and are absolutely SOLAS-compliant.

High temperature insulation with rarity value

Whether on land, in water or in the air: Thermisol's temperature design solutions are always the first choice. Even in space, we contribute with our know-how to implement revolutionary ideas and visionary projects. Special requirements demand unique solutions. We realize them.


Lightweight, vapor-blastable as well as vibration-, high-temperature- and seawater-resistant: From integral insulation, textile insulation to the classic heat shield, we develop and manufacture high-performance insulation systems made of metal, textile, foil. Of course, absolutely accurate fit and in accordance with all legal requirements.

Challenge us!
You name the requirement – we find the solution.

Foil insulation

Neben absoluter Passgenauigkeit verfügen unsere Lösungen über optimierte Schalldämmwirkung und entsprechen den neusten gesetzlichen Bestimmungen.

Textile insulation

Überall, wo es gilt, komplizierte geometrische Formen zu isolieren, wo unkomplizierte Wartung höchste Priorität besitzt oder geringe Montagezeiten im Vordergrund stehen: Lösungen von Thermisol setzen Maßstäbe.

Metallic insulation

Wir entwickeln und fertigen leistungsstarke Dämmsysteme aus Metall. Unsere Philosophie eines durchdachten und effizienten Aufbaus garantieren Stabilität sowie exakte Passgenauigkeit selbst bei unterschiedlichsten Temperaturlinien.

Combined insulations

Not always only one type of insulation is suitable. More and more often, our solutions are as individual as your challenge. We combine the advantages of suitable insulation types and develop an insulation solution specifically tailored to your requirement.

Ein breites Produktspektrum an unterschiedlichen Isolier- und Dämmmaterialien ermöglicht jede Höchsttemperatur Herausforderung zu lösen.

Applications in detail



Accurate work, low error rates and professional quality management are demonstrably part of our program. People, machines and the environment are protected in the best possible way at all times.

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